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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Finding the RIGHT photographer for your wedding

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Finding the right photographer can be daunting sometimes. If you don’t know what to look for or where to look at, it can give you a lot of problems in the end.

Here’s a few tips that might help you find the right photographer for your dream wedding.

Ask your family & friends:  The best way to find the right photographer is to get a referral from your family & friends who just got married recently.

Style of photography:  All professional photographers who’s been around in this business has their own style.  Some specializing in photo journalistic (candid) style, some are traditional, some are fashion style…etc.  None of them are better than the other.  It’s all base on your taste.  Recently, one of the biggest problem I’ve been seeing a lot is focusing on the prices first rather than the photographic style.  That can get you in a lot of trouble.  Here’s why.  I understand most people are in a tight budget when planning their wedding.  However, if you book a photographer base on their prices rather than the photographic style, you might not be happy in the end.  Here’s an example, let’s pretend you really want a photo journalistic style of photography.  Instead, you book a more traditional wedding photographer because of their price differences.  On your wedding day, you are hoping your traditional wedding photographer is capturing a lot of candid shots.  Instead, he did a lot of poses that you didn’t like.  When it’s time to pick up your photos, guess what type of photos you will get?  The traditional style of photography.  Is it the photographer’s fault?  Maybe not, because you selected someone who’s not specializing in photo journalistic style.  Unless, your photographer promised you something that he did not deliver.  Then, that’s a different story.

Photographer’s Blog:  If not all, most photographers now these days have their own website and blog.  If you’re not familiar with blog, it’s a place where photographers post their recent work.  It’s like their diary.  It will give you a great sense of who they are as an artist, a person and as a family man.  It will also give you an idea what type of photographic style they do.

Meet your photographer in person:  The best way to get to know your prospective photographer is to meet them in person.  It will give you an idea who they are as person.  You can look at their wedding albums, you can talk more about your wedding details and talk about their wedding packages.  If you can’t meet them in person, at least call them or Skype them..