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Kauai Wedding Photography

I am happy to hear that my Bride & Groom are happy & appreciate what I do. Here’s Pam & Ty’s feedback from my recent Kauai Wedding Photos, “Just received the box of pictures! What an awesome surprise. We honestly couldn’t be happier with them, Jose. You provided so much more than we could have ever expected. Just looking through them brings back all the feelings I felt on the day we exchanged our vows. You captured our moments perfectly. Thank you so much again for being there for our day!” ~ Pamela & Tyler

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Kauai Wedding Photographer | Pamela & Tyler

Kauai,Hawaii is probably one of the best place for destination wedding. It’s beautiful, clean, peaceful and laid back. I can’t express how happy I was when Pamela called me and asked me if I can travel to Kauai to photograph their wedding. My smile went from ear to ear right away. To make it more sweeter, they held their reception at the Smith’s Tropical Paradise Garden Luau. That place was like the Disneyland of photography. There are a lot of places for creative shots and places to see. Their food was also amazing. It’s probably one of the best Hawaiian food I ever tasted.

But there’s nothing more sweeter than the story of Pam & Tyler. They went to preschool together in a small town in Nebraska. They’ve known each other since they were 5 years old. In fact, they still have their preschool graduation photo with both of them standing side by side demonstrating their super awesome 80’s fashion choices. They never dated in High School and went down very different paths upon graduation. Tyler went off to college, and Pamela joined the Army. Ten years after High School, their mutual friend posted a picture of Tyler on Facebook. They reconnected that way, and have been inseparable ever since. A few short months, they started talking again. Tyler moved to DC and proposed a year and a half later. They had planned on visiting Kauai as part of a family vacation. But when Tyler proposed, they decided to have their wedding in paradise as part of the family vacation and couldn’t be happier with their decision.
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