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We are planning to get married in Hawaii. What are the requirements?
The two most important requirements in Hawaii are the marriage license and beach permit if you are planning to get married in one of our many spectacular beaches we are world famous for.

Still need help? Send me an email at info@joserocesphotography.com.  I will be happy to help you.


Is it really Jose Roces who will be the main photographer of our wedding?
Yes, I wouldn’t miss it! Your wedding day is too important to have it delegate to someone that would not have the same passion like I do.

As a married man,  I know how important wedding is.  This type of event doesn’t happen all the time.  It only happens once in our life.  To make sure you get the best quality, I will be your main photographer and give directions (when needed).


What type of photographic style do you do?
I don’t believe in limiting my style to meet certain “genre“.  Sometimes I will be fly on the wall capturing those spontaneous, natural and intimate moments. Sometimes, I will be there looking for opportunities to create beautiful creative images that showcase your love and happiness.  But what I love the most is when you give me time to capture the two of you having a blast, in love, because you just married the love of your life.


I want my outdoor ceremony close to sunset. What time I should schedule my ceremony?
I am so blessed I live in Hawaii.  It’s surrounded with beautiful weather, beautiful trees and beautiful beaches.  To make sure you enjoy your beautiful ceremony, I believe 2 hours before the sunset is the best time to do outdoor ceremony.  It is not too hot and that will give you enough time for the formal portrait and creative shots.


So and so Photography are doing “THIS” type of style in their photography, can you also do that to ours?
As much as I would love to accommodate everyone, I believe Photography is not one size fits all.  I believe every photographer has their own style.  To make sure we are perfect fit, please look at my work carefully to make sure the style that you are looking for reflects the style that you want.


When we should start booking you?
Due to limited number of weddings I shoot per year, please give me a call me right away.  Some of my clients book me a year in advance.


What do we need to save the date?
To secure your wedding date, you will need to sign our contract accompanied by a $500 retainer fee.


Can we get a copy of the digital images and do we have the right to print it?
Yes, there is an option to get a copy of the high resolution of images with the right to print. All images will be in High Resolution format and ready to print. If the images will be used for commercial, advertisement purposes or social media, I would appreciate it that some credit be given to Jose Roces Photography.


How long does it take to get the photographs?
You will receive your photographs within 30 days after your wedding.


Do you travel outside the island of Oahu to photograph weddings?
Yes, I am available for destination weddings as well. Air, ground transportation, as well as lodging and meals stipend will be added to our packages..